Friday, March 24, 2017

Volvo 140 "Rareness" Update

Back in this posting I talked about the comparative rareness of Volvo 140 cars compared to the more widely seen P1800 cars.  At the Hilton Head show, I once again made a few notes an the number of various models.

The basic analysis is to simply look at how many cars show up per million that were made.  The fewer showings per million, the rarer the car is.  I only think this is meaningful for production cars that were built in some reasonable number.  I don't think it says much about cars that were originally built in very small numbers, but for general production cars I think it's an interesting metric.

Back at last fall's local event in Connecticut, we had:

140 series cars: 2.5 per million made
P1800 series cars: 204 per million made

In other words, a MUCH larger percentage of P1800 (81 times higher) survive today and came out to the show.  Based on this metric, a 140 car is 81 times more rare than a P1800.

At the Hilton Head show which was also VCOA's annual meet, so arguably the highest turnout, we had:

140 series cars: 3.2 per million made
P1800 series cars: 376 per million made

So this time, the percentage of P1800 cars surviving is 117 times higher than 140 series cars.  So a 140 is 117 times more rare than a P1800.

Interesting, I think.

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