Thursday, March 3, 2016

Selected for Volvo Heritage Display, Best Example of 140 Series

The car is tucked away in a nice heated garage for the winter, but it had a very exciting autumn including a road trip down to Hilton Head for the VCOA Annual Meet, and the Hilton Head Concourse Show.  When I say "road trip", what that really means is that she hitched a ride in my trailer.  She's more than capable of making the drive, in fact I think it's now 100% up to spec in how it drives and handles, and it has been 100% reliable in good Volvo style.  But I trailered it for two reasons:

First, let's face it.  Cars have gotten a lot more comfortable in the past 45 years.  Yup, she's 45 years old as of last month.  Reduced road noise, air conditioning, nice tunes, cruise control, etc. all make for a much more pleasant 2-day drive.  I love driving the Volvo, but not more than a few hours at a time.

Second, the Hilton Head show was just a stop along the way on a longer trip all the way down to Ft Lauderdale for several days.  That's almost another 1000 miles each way.

So I trailered the car down to Hilton Head, went to the show, stored the car and trailer at a storage facility, drove the rest of the way to Florida with just the truck, then came back the same way.  It was a long trip, but fun, and very gratifying for the Volvo.  Here's why

This year's Volvo Club of America (VCOA) annual meeting also aligned with Volvo of America's 50th anniversary, and with the ground breaking of their new production facility in South Carolina.  As a result, the Hilton Head Show became a focal point for both organizations.  As part of the event, VCOA created a Heritage Display showing the best examples of Volvos from different generations,  and yours truly was selected as the best example of a Volvo 140 series.  It was a great honor, and very pleasing to see the priority for older Volvos starting to turn towards originality and preservation, as it inevitably does as cars become more rare and sought after.

Volvo Heritage Display at Hilton Head Concourse Show

Volvo Heritage Display at Hilton Head Concourse Show

 When I originally submitted the car for consideration for this display, I was asked for a short blurb about what makes the car special.  Apparently there was a hard word limit since you can see that each paragraph is neatly cut off before it's complete.   Oh well.
Primary display card

Fortunately I had made up a couple of supplemental posters and was able to display them in the trunk.
Additional info, un-truncated (no pun intended)

 Here are enlarged versions of the posters for easier viewing
Information Poster - page 1

Information Poster, page 2

 And, the final badge of honor.
Heritage Display award ribbon

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