Saturday, October 17, 2015

Volvo 140s are 80 times more rare than P1800s?

140s have become very rare, especially ones in good condition. I got to thinking about the numbers, and how they compare to P1800s which seem plentiful.

A week or two ago I was at a local meet where a couple dozen cars showed up. I didn't do an exact count, but there were about 10 P1800s. There also was a strong turnout of 140s with 3 showing up. This seems pretty typical to me, in fact P1800s typically outnumber the 140s by even more.

Across all production, there were about 1.2M 140s built, and about 49,000 P1800s built. Looking at how many cars turn up at meets per million cars made is very interesting. The 10 P1800s represents 204 cars per million built. On the other hand, the 3 140s represent 2.5 cars per million built. That suggests that surviving 140s are 80 times more rare than P1800s.

Monitoring cars offered for sale on eBay tells a similar story.  I see around 20 P1800s hit the market for every 140 that shows up.  And the vast majority of the 140s are serious project cars.

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Ace Paul said...

Those numbers are amazing. I don't doubt the accuracy. All you have to do is a search for a 142E on the net and see how few there are out there. Thanks for the update.