Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Recovering the seats

This happened over the past two years, but I finally got the seats recovered.  The front seats had a bunch of tears and were a mish mash of leather and vinyl, probably a result of partial repairs and patches made over the years.  The rear seat was the original leather, but was so badly dried out that putting any pressure on them resulting in instant tears.

Torn front seat with a mix of leather and vinyl panels
More tears and wear
Rear seats looking OK from a distance, but crumbling to the touch

First I redid the front seats, and spent a few months trying to rejuvenate the rear seats, but that failed.  So last year I recovered the rear seats too.  Now the interior is really looking pretty good.  Other than the seats, it's all original including, amazingly, the carpet.

Recovered front seats looking great and really comfortable

Recovered center console arm rest

Recovered seats and arm rest

And the rear seats, recovered and looking elegant once again.

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