Friday, July 12, 2013

Lots of little stuff done today

The clutch issue is set aside for a week while I wait for parts, so today I focused on a whole bunch of little things that will need to be done before I drive away into the sunset.  Here's the list:

  • Installed front IPD sway bar after painting it dark gray.  This is the one non-stock item that I have relented on.  But I painted the bar dark gray (the paint I had on hand) because I couldn't stand the bright blue color that IPD paints it.  I still have to suffer through the blue bushings, but I'll live.
  • Installed protective bracket over marker light behind spare tire.  The light protrudes into the trunk space where the spare tire sits, and this U-shaped bracket protects the wire connection on the light.  I over looked it when I put the lights in.
  • Tightened spade terminal on fuel sender.  This was a little loose, so I pinched the slip on connector a bit for a tighter fit.  This is pretty common with older spade connectors.
  • Wired in new license plate light fixture.  This is a new replacement and it wires up a bit differently than the original.  It also had no bulbs in it so I swiped them from the old unit.  Also, one of the lenses is not blacked out facing backwards so I grabbed a lens from the old unit.  All works now.
  • Checked marker lights and found two not working.  Replaced left rear bulb, and cleaned front right bulb to get them working.
  • Noticed light bleed-through from right rear tail light to backup light.  Removed lens and found a shield missing. Found part in my stash and fixed.  It must had fallen out when everything was apart.
  • Installed new wiper blades and reinstalled the wiper arms
  • Used RTV to seal a hole in the firewall/wheel well where the AC drain ran.  I've removed the AC so this is no longer needed.
  • Fixed horn.  Contact ring needed cleaning with emory cloth.  Now it works great.
  • Reinstalled washer jets, cleaned reservoir, installed and tested pump.  Works great.
  • Reinstalled the ECU.  I hadn't remounted it after getting the fuel injection working.
  • Installed new plastic mounting pegs for front grill.  3 of 4 were broken off.
  • Reinstalled the hitch mounting bolts to fill the holes in the trunk.  I removed the hitch some time ago.

It's a lot of little stuff, but all needed before the car really goes anywhere.  But it's really coming together nicely.


finespecimen said...

Ahhh, but there's a big "little" project that lingers....the much-dreaded installation of the steel trim on the rubber seal around the rear window (I know this individual and have intimate knowledge of the project - I'll be the "help" next week).

Peter Hayden said...

Details, details.